Trichopria aequata pupal host Drosophila limbata host Allium ursinum

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Originally cited and (current family): Trichopria aequata (Diapriidae) / Drosophila limbata (Drosophilidae) / Allium ursinum (not given)



Key: reference lot specimen refuting
referenceOffenberger, M., and A. J. Klarenberg. 1994. Fitting parasitoid wasps to their drosophilid hosts: an overview of collecting methods with a checklist of hymenopteran parasitoids and their drosophilid hosts in European temperate woodlands. Drosophila Information Service 75:123-125.
confidence Multiple rearings from known lab monoculture.
notes Baits infected with D. limbata were placed in the field and allowed to be parasitized, parasitoids were then reared out in laboratory.
setting lab
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