Trichopria anastrephae larval host Anastrepha fraterculus host Spondias mombin

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Originally cited and (current family): Trichopria anastrephae (Diapriidae) / Anastrepha fraterculus (Tephritidae) / Spondias mombin (not given)



Key: reference lot specimen refuting
referenceAguiar-Menezes, E. L., E. B. Menezes, P. S. Silva, A. C. Bittar, and P. C. R. Cassino. 2001. Native Hymenopteran Parasitoids Associated With Anastrepha spp (Diptera:Tephritidae) in Seropedica City, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Florida Entomologist 84:706-711.
confidence Multiple isolated single hosts from wild, with host remains isolated following emergence/dissection.
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