Synacra pupal host Musca domestica

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Originally cited and (current family): Synacra (Diapriidae) / Musca domestica (Muscidae)



Key: reference lot specimen refuting
referenceFloate, K., B. G. Khan, and G. Gibson. 1999. Hymenopterous Parasitoids of Filth fly (Diptera:Muscidae) pupae in cattle feedlots. Canadian Entomologist 131:347-362.
confidence Multiple rearings from known lab monoculture.
notes Pupae placed in field, then retrieved. Parasitoids were then reared out in lab.
setting lab
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referenceFloate, K. D., T. J. Lysyk, G. A. P. Gibson, and T. D. Galloway. 2002. Ch 37 Musca domestica L, House fly (Diptera: Muscidae). Pp. 190-195. in: Biological Control Programmes in Canada 1981-2000. Mason, P. A., Gibson, G. A. P. (eds.) CABI Publishing,Wallingford, UK. pp..
confidence Cited with no further explanation (e.g. in table/list).
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