Trichopria pupal host Anastrepha

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Originally cited and (current family): Trichopria (Diapriidae) / Anastrepha (Tephritidae)



Key: reference lot specimen refuting
referenceOvruski, S., M. Aluja, J. Sivinski, and W. Wharton. 2000. Hymenopteran parasitoids on fruit-infesting Tephritidae (Diptera) in Latin America and the southern United States: Diversity, distribution, taxonomic status and their use in fruit fly biological control. Integrated Pest Management Reviews 5:81-107.
confidence Cited with no further explanation (e.g. in table/list).
notes Lists 2 species, Trichopria sp. 1 (via Jiron and Mexzon, 1989) and Trichopria sp. 2 (via Baranowski and Swanson, 1970).
setting unknown
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