Hemilexomyia abrupta ? - pupal Musca domestica

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Originally cited and (current family): Hemilexomyia abrupta (Diapriidae) / Musca domestica (Muscidae)


Key: reference lot specimen refuting
referenceFroggatt, W. W. 1918. Sheep Maggot Flies. Farmers' Bulletin 122:18.
confidence Multiple isolated single hosts from wild, with host remains isolated following emergence/dissection.
notes May not be true pupal parasitoid. Possibly developing ectoparasitically on pupa within puparium.
setting field
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referenceJohnston, T. H., and O. W. Tiegs. 1922. On the biology and economic significance of the chalcid parasites of Australian sheep maggot-flies. Proceedings of the Royal Society of Queensland 33:99-128.
confidence Cited with no further explanation (e.g. in table/list).
notes References WW and J.L Froggatt 1918, pg 18.
setting unknown
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