Plagiopria passerai pupal host Plagiolepis pygmaea

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Originally cited and (current family): Plagiopria passerai (Diapriidae) / Plagiolepis pygmaea (Formicidae)


Key: reference lot specimen refuting
referenceLachaud, J. P., and L. Passera. 1982. Donnees sur la biologie de trois Diapriidae myrmecophiles: Plagiopria passerai Masner Solenopsia imitatrix Wasmann et Lepidopria pedestris Kieffer. Insectes Sociaux 29:561-568.
confidence Multiple isolated single hosts from wild, with host remains isolated following emergence/dissection.
notes Plagiopria passerai parasitizes queen coccoons of Plagiolepis pygmaea
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created/modified 07/22/2005 02/20/2006