Trichopria pupal host Hermetia illucens

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Originally cited and (current family): Trichopria (Diapriidae) / Hermetia illucens (Stratiomyidae)


Key: reference lot specimen refuting
referenceBradley, S. W., D. C. Booth, and D. C. Sheppard. 1984. Parasitism of the black soldier fly by Trichopria sp (Hymenoptera: Diapriidae) in poultry houses. Environmental Entomology 13:451-454.
confidence Multiple isolated single hosts from wild, with host remains isolated following emergence/dissection.
notes Possibly multiple parasitism. In lab setting, multiple parasitoids were recorded emerging from one pupa, but it is unclear whether or not the parasitoid was gregarious or multi. When only one pupa was exposed to multiple parasitoids, parasitization by multiple hosts was recorded. But there is no evidence to indicate that if the parasite:host abundance was 1:1, that multiple individuals would emerge from the host.
setting lab
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