J.J. Kieffer on-line!
Katja Seltmann passed along this link to a scanned reproduction of J.J. Kieffer's 1916 compendium on diapriids. Try the flip-book to view it, very cool

Naumann (1988) available now
A verbatim copy (currently without figures) of Naumann's (1988) key to ambositrine genera of New Zealand is now up.

Dynamic news and new keys
The site now has blog-like news thanks to some new features in mx, that database that serves the data here. This will make it easier to add notes and news about the site and things diapriid. Nixon's (1957) keys to the Belytinae have also been posted. Note that a fair amount of synonymy has occurred since they have been published, however they still identify useful characters and some of the big dichotomies. The key to females includes some of Nixon's plates, which are useful as references.